5 thoughts on “Dérives: A Journey To Avebury.

  1. In these days of digital razor sharp images, I find the images in this posting to be of an almost tantalizing ‘other world.’ The tone and saturation has an affinity with that of Super 8 film quality, another marker still strident today in the analogue world. There is also a strong sense of haunting which seems to seep out from the images which also mirrors the entwining narrative. It reminds me of the the quality and tone of films, such as Children of the Stones, Stigma and Derek Jarman’s own Super 8 films.

    It makes me question, as a digital image maker, my own approach to creating digital images and whether I should, periodically at least, return to that other chemistry of analogue, still very much alive in today’s restless shadows, yet also so easily dismissed.

  2. Next time, I would recommend trying to find the swallowhead spring, the whole complex is better understood from that place I think. I do a lot of work around there and know it as well as anyone so do get in touch and I will be happy to show you around. Thanks for your posts.


  3. great stuff! I was wondering what kind of camera/film combination you had used? I’m from Wroughton (just down the hill from Avebury) & still visit a lot.

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