Responses: Poems On Landscape and Melancholy


Throughout 2016, I’ve been trying to respond to artwork about landscape in more ways than simply essays.  I found that in trying convey work that I liked, there was only so far I could go with conventional journalistic and essay … Continue reading

Responses: Tessa Farmer’s La Chasse (2016)


I first encountered the work of Tessa Farmer during a rainy daydream in Saatchi Gallery a few years back.  It was a strange experience as, staring at her Swarm (2004) piece, it took a while to pinpoint exactly what was … Continue reading

Dérives: A Journey To Avebury.


The Neolithic town of Avebury in Wiltshire has figured in much that I love for a growing number of years now.  Its draw has been one that has crossed all areas of the arts that dominate my current interests, to … Continue reading

Responses: Avebury Photos (1933 + 1942) – Paul Nash.


The landscape painter and augmenter, Paul Nash, had a momentary, glimpsed relationship with the Wiltshire town of Avebury.  The landscape, which brims with a sense of ancientness and magic, evidently enraptured the painter for a brief spell of creative yield … Continue reading

The “English Eerie” and The Landscape Venn.


As I write this, it is just under two weeks to the Spectral Landscapes event in Oxford.  Put together between myself and the Oxford University’s Romantic society through Jen Wood, the event is looking at the resurgence of interest in … Continue reading

Trailer – Salthouse Marshes.


Above is the trailer for my last film of the year, Salthouse Marshes.  Continuing on from last year’s theme in a trend I hope to continue with on a yearly basis, the film is a short, landscape obsessed ghost story.  … Continue reading

Short Film – Holloway (Robert Macfarlane).


It feels odd to finally be able to say that Holloway is finished.  This oddness derives not just from the fact that it has been the longest planned film that I’ve produced so far (starting all the way back from … Continue reading

Short Film – Artefacts (Super 8 film).


Synopsis.  Artefacts (2014) is a short video piece shot on super 8 film.  It captures the rural vistas around The Wirral which show hints of civilisation but fail to show the true presence of humanity.  These rural areas are littered … Continue reading

Films On The Strange British Coastline.


While many British films take full advantage of the rural potential that “this spectered isle” can provide, there seems to be another sub-sect to this branch film, often finding its way into British horror cinema.  Of course, this isn’t as … Continue reading

Patience (Grant Gee) and The Rings of Saturn (W.G. Sebald) – Capturing Perception.


There are a number of reception possibilities attainable when watching Grant Gee’s 2011 essay film, Patience (After Sebald).  Any film based on a book or around an author is always going to separate its viewers into two groups; those who … Continue reading