My Films

Apart from obsessively writing about film I also make my own shorts, mostly these days on super 8.

I’ve had films screened at a number of events and places including FACT Liverpool, The Everyman Playhouse, The Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia, METAL Liverpool and Manchester Art Gallery.

2heavy water colour gif 2

If you’re interested some of them are to be found at Celluloid Wicker Man Films and there’s a showreel below.

Interviews and Writing About My Films

Folk Horror – Art Cornwall

Interview – In Wild Air

A Cathode-Ray High-Rise (4th Estate) (2017)

The Attempt – Caught By The River (2016)

No Diggin’ Here – BFI (2016)

Heavy Water – The Quietus (2016)

Interview with Cureditor (2015).

Robert Macfarlane on Salthouse Marshes – Caught By The River

Holloway (ICO Short film of the month).

Robert Macfarlane on the Holloway film – Caught By The River.

The Spectral Times interview  – pages 24-26.

Landscapism – The Way Of The Hollow (Holloway).

Holloway film interview – The Double Negative

Faber & Faber – Holloway

Fact – Pyschogeography film interview.

Four Fills – John McGrath video.



7 thoughts on “My Films

  1. Hi mr Wicker Man. 🙂 I had to take a peek and I’m so impressed! You have a clear language/style. Hope you’ll tweet/write more about the actual process of the making – cause I sure could use some valuable lessons. I’m just starting to get into filming. I usually just write but have a dream to do my own short from beginning to end. Where do you find your inspiration?


    1. Thank you very much!
      You’re the first person ever to have said such nice things about them!
      I did plan on doing some posts about the the production of them, especially the recent one which took a lot of work!
      I’ll aim to do more in future though.
      Inspiration wise, I think the best thing to is read lots and watch lots (that film there is inspired by James Joyce). You’ll find yourself taking things from other directors naturally and making it your own.

  2. Hi. Very impressed with A Cottage by the Sea and your homage to Whistle and I’ll come to You. Your visual technique and editing are superb. Hard to believe it’s all a one-man show! Do you think you’ll one day expand and use another actor to give you more scope both acting/directing wise?

    1. Thank you Ian. That’s very kind of you to say.
      I’m currently engaged in 3 video projects, all of which will be done on my own but finished by the end of this year with the aim of expanding to using actors in the new year. Doing it all on my own really does limit my capabilities so hopefully the things I make in 2014 will be a lot less static!

  3. Well I loved your Withnail and I essay, so I thought I’d watch your showreel. Brilliant, especially the use of The Advisory Circle.

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