Dérives: Odds and Ends


Apart from going on a number of planned walks throughout 2016, towards the end of the year I managed to head on a number of more random jaunts out into a variety of places.  Though the reel of photos I … Continue reading

Sex and the Landscape in Zabriskie Point (1970) and The Last Movie (1971)


“Once I loved a man who was a lot like the desert, and before that I loved the desert.” – Rebecca Solnit (2006). Late last year, I quite accidently combined the viewing of two films that spoke of a theme … Continue reading

Showreel 2016


I was initially struggling to put together a showreel for 2016.  I don’t think my film work has ever been so reliant on its varied soundworlds for their full context and so pulling the strongest images out of that context … Continue reading

A Ghost Story For Christmas: The Mountain Grave.


The Swiss town of Zermatt lies on the Italian border south of the Naturpark Pfyn-Finges some way away from Bern.  There lies a string of more built up towns to its north, lying along a liner path marked by a … Continue reading

Short Film – The Attempt (Edward Thomas)


Having detailed some of the history that inspired my last film of 2016 in this article on Caught By The River, I have very little else to say in regards to The Attempt.  It’s a mixture of essay film and … Continue reading

Folk Horror: Hours Dreadful and Things Strange (January, 2017)


As recently announced, I have a book being released in January all about Folk Horror and its many related areas of interest.  The book has been in the works for the last year or so though many of the arguments … Continue reading

Responses: Poems On Landscape and Melancholy


Throughout 2016, I’ve been trying to respond to artwork about landscape in more ways than simply essays.  I found that in trying convey work that I liked, there was only so far I could go with conventional journalistic and essay … Continue reading

Trailer – The Attempt (Edward Thomas)


Above is the trailer for my final short of the year, a film detailing an event in the life of the poet and writer, Edward Thomas.  I’ve had a personal fascination with Thomas for a few years now, properly diving … Continue reading

Responses: Tessa Farmer’s La Chasse (2016)


I first encountered the work of Tessa Farmer during a rainy daydream in Saatchi Gallery a few years back.  It was a strange experience as, staring at her Swarm (2004) piece, it took a while to pinpoint exactly what was … Continue reading

Short Film – No Diggin’ Here.


I have been lucky enough to have this year’s Halloween film, No Diggin’ Here – a film about M.R. James, Aldeburgh and A Warning To The Curious – premiered on the BFI’s website.  It was a Halloween treat that, until … Continue reading