Dérives: Sebald, Sizewell and Dunwich (Suffolk).


“The contours of the Sizewell power plant, its Magnox block a glowering mausoleum, begin to loom upon an island far out in the pallid waters where one believes the Dogger Bank to be, where once shoals of herring spawned and … Continue reading

Short Film – A Walk By Waiting (Harold Pinter, Iain Sinclair).


My walk around Harold Pinter’s old haunts in the east end of London has produced a number of written accounts now that, with the film that sparked of the whole venture being finally public, I’m not quite sure what else to … Continue reading

Bergson’s Duration in Sapphire And Steel (Assignment One, 1979).


With time being at the core of the series, Sapphire and Steel is perhaps one of the few cult television programs whose narratives can convey astutely some questioning of the philosophy of temporal concepts.  Rather than being a framing device … Continue reading

Poetics of Visual Space in Ian Nairn’s “Nairn Across Britain” (1972).


In the 1980’s introduction to the repeated BBC Ian Nairn series, Nairn Across Britain (1972), Jonathan Meades suggests that the series still managed to capture Nairn’s sense of poetics and character in spite of “the filming techniques seeming a bit … Continue reading

Dérives: Thomas De Quincey’s Soho.


London, with its eternal agitations, the ceaseless ebb and flow of its “mighty heart” – De Quincey (1823). After one of the most hectic days of the year so far, I had some hours to kill in London before meeting … Continue reading

Responses: John James Audubon’s Animals And Birds.

(c) University of Liverpool; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

On a day where an unusually hazy rain persisted in a constant downfall, I took refuge in the redbrick building of the Victoria Museum and Gallery that lies at the top of Brownlow Hill.  The building sits in sharp contrast … Continue reading

Trailer – A Walk By Waiting (Pinter/Sinclair).


Above is the trailer for a very short fragment of film made in collaboration with the writer, Iain Sinclair.  Though I had been thinking about doing something with the poems of Harold Pinter for the some time, I had left … Continue reading

“Wyrd” Wirral – Spirits Of Place (02/04/2016)


This is an edited version of the paper given at Spirits Of Place in Calderstones Park, Liverpool 02/04/2016.  My thanks to John Reppion and Leah Moore for organising the event and for to the other excellent speakers (Gill Hoffs, David … Continue reading

Dérives: Student Flatopia (Liverpool).


It’s an oft-stated critique of Liverpool city centre in recent years that it’s become an increasingly oversized student campus as opposed to a city.  A number of local writers and commentators, including an excellent summation earlier in the year by … Continue reading

Responses: Henry Moore’s Sheep Sketchbook (1980).

henry-moore-sheep-drawing-2-1379802785_org (1)

The sculptor Henry Moore saw a stark link between the rock that was both his material and inspiration, and the grazing calmness of sheep.  The animals stand out in the landscape in the same, oblique way, providing an aesthetic of … Continue reading