The Aural Aesthetics of Ghosts in BBC Ghost Stories – Part 5 (Landscape).


Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Natural Diegesis And Aural Interaction With Landscape. One of M.R. James’ most recognisable writing traits is his emphasis on rural settings.  From his own personal experience, of both exploring the churches of … Continue reading

Dérives: Ian Nairn’s Pimlico (London).


I’ve always had a slight relationship with Victoria and Pimlico in London.  As central London areas go, it has always represented two things to me: the awful feeling of leaving the city and the sense of dread at having to … Continue reading

Responses: Jeremy Millar’s A Firework For Sebald (2005).


The strongest moment in Grant Gee’s documentary on W.G. Sebald, Patience (After Sebald) (2012), is courtesy of a photographic work by the artist, Jeremy Millar. Towards the end of film, the inevitable addressing of the tragedy of Sebald’s life being … Continue reading

Trailer – Heavy Water.


Above is the trailer for the next short film, Heavy Water.  This is to be the longest film this year and the most ambitious in terms of scope in spite of future projects containing narratives and actors.  Heavy Water ‘s … Continue reading

Place and Youth in Margaret Tait’s A Portrait Of Ga (1952).


“My mother lives in the windy Orkney Islands.  It’s certainly a wonderful place to be brought up in.” – A Portrait Of Ga In making a short film about her mother, the experimental filmmaker, Margaret Tait, essentially drew upon an … Continue reading

Interview: Mike Hodges on Get Carter (1971).


Mike Hodges’ debut feature film, Get Carter (1971), was one of the key shifts in British cinema of the period.  With its total lack of hope, an earnest presence of violence and a hugely detailed topography, the film is one … Continue reading

Responses: Andy Goldsworthy’s Ice Arch (1982).


While Andy Goldsworthy’s work has a general theme of transience running right through its core, it is perhaps best summarised as a theme in his work in the use of ice within sculpture.  Though almost everything the artist does has … Continue reading

Short Film – A Walk By Waiting (Harold Pinter, Iain Sinclair).


My walk around Harold Pinter’s old haunts in the east end of London has produced a number of written accounts now that, with the film that sparked of the whole venture being finally public, I’m not quite sure what else to … Continue reading

Bergson’s Duration in Sapphire And Steel (Assignment One, 1979).


With time being at the core of the series, Sapphire and Steel is perhaps one of the few cult television programs whose narratives can convey astutely some questioning of the philosophy of temporal concepts.  Rather than being a framing device … Continue reading

Poetics of Visual Space in Ian Nairn’s “Nairn Across Britain” (1972).


In the 1980’s introduction to the repeated BBC Ian Nairn series, Nairn Across Britain (1972), Jonathan Meades suggests that the series still managed to capture Nairn’s sense of poetics and character in spite of “the filming techniques seeming a bit … Continue reading

Dérives: Thomas De Quincey’s Soho.


London, with its eternal agitations, the ceaseless ebb and flow of its “mighty heart” – De Quincey (1823). After one of the most hectic days of the year so far, I had some hours to kill in London before meeting … Continue reading