Short Film – Tarot.

For my last film of the year, I wanted to put into practice some of ideas that I explored in my presentation at this year’s Folk Horror conference, held at Queens University Belfast in September.  I had already filmed the footage before I presented my paper (though didn’t get it developed until a good few weeks after that) but had already been forming the ideas … Continue reading Short Film – Tarot.

Short Film – The Coastal Path.

(Watch in at least 480p.) I’ve been sitting on this ghost story for a while having finished it late in the summer.  Even though I was excited to get something out there that I was actually happy with, it just didn’t feel right putting out a ghost story when it was still warm outside.  The Coastal Path is destined to be part the Coven exhibition … Continue reading Short Film – The Coastal Path.

Trailer – The Coastal Path.

Here’s a trailer for my next short film called The Coastal Path.  It’s a ghost story and filmed on both digital and super 8 film.  I’ll be going into detail about the film when it is eventually available to watch online (i.e. when it’s finished) but for now, I wanted a trailer just to sum up the work so far.  It has taken a lot … Continue reading Trailer – The Coastal Path.

Short Film – Artefacts (Super 8 film).

Synopsis.  Artefacts (2014) is a short video piece shot on super 8 film.  It captures the rural vistas around The Wirral which show hints of civilisation but fail to show the true presence of humanity.  These rural areas are littered with man-made objects but the natural wilderness has won through, creating a sense of the uncanny and eerie in places almost haunted by their emptiness … Continue reading Short Film – Artefacts (Super 8 film).

Short Film – The Book of Sand (Jorge Luis Borges).

The Book of Sand is probably the most ambitious project I’ve attempted so far.  The technique I’ve been using to make films for the last year or so (using a photographic sports mode on a Canon 600D and then animating the results like a stop-motion) may have seemed gimmick lead but, until very recently, this has been the only way I’ve been able to make … Continue reading Short Film – The Book of Sand (Jorge Luis Borges).

Forest (Short Film) and A Screaming Breeze (Book).

For some time now I have been involved in a collaborative arts project with local illustrator and artist Katie Craven.  Before the first stage of the project could be unleashed onto the unsuspecting public, the project collapsed in on itself thanks to a Belgian art gallery among other things.  To show just how close it got to being finished, there’s even a stop press advert … Continue reading Forest (Short Film) and A Screaming Breeze (Book).

The Early Short Films of David Gladwell.

David Gladwell may be more well known as Lindsay Anderson’s editor on such cinematic masterpieces as If…. (1968) and O Lucky Man! (1973) but his own directorial endeavours are equally worthy of discussion and analysis, especially in their relation to both his editorial work and his own creative trajectories. Whether it is the, very English, visual language of his first four short films or the … Continue reading The Early Short Films of David Gladwell.

Short Film – Pastoral.

Having been in the midst of my third year at university and an impending move out back home looming, I haven’t really had the time to film any new material.  Though this has been frustrating (I haven’t even bought film for my 8mm yet) I’ve managed to find some older material that I filmed at various points and thought I’d put some of it together. … Continue reading Short Film – Pastoral.

Maya Deren And The Scores Of Teiji Ito (Meshes Of The Afternoon + Others)

Time past and time future, What might have been and what has been, Point to one end, which is always present. – T.S Eliot (Four Quartets) There’s a clash often present in the films of Maya Deren but especially in the ones that incorporate music into their styling.  From her most famous short Meshes Of The Afternoon (1943 or 1952 with music) to other titles such as … Continue reading Maya Deren And The Scores Of Teiji Ito (Meshes Of The Afternoon + Others)

Interview with Ben Rivers.

Originally published in ACE Magazine. Ben Rivers is one of Britain’s leading filmmakers, broaching the ground between narrative and documentary film.  He has been making short films since 2003 but he has recently risen in popularity at the release of his first feature length film, Two Years At Sea in 2011.  Rivers is famed, not just for creating haunting visuals but also for using a … Continue reading Interview with Ben Rivers.