Responses: Poems On Landscape and Melancholy


Throughout 2016, I’ve been trying to respond to artwork about landscape in more ways than simply essays.  I found that in trying convey work that I liked, there was only so far I could go with conventional journalistic and essay … Continue reading

Responses: Tessa Farmer’s La Chasse (2016)


I first encountered the work of Tessa Farmer during a rainy daydream in Saatchi Gallery a few years back.  It was a strange experience as, staring at her Swarm (2004) piece, it took a while to pinpoint exactly what was … Continue reading

Responses: Keith Arnatt’s A.O.N.B (1982-1984).


The photography series, Areas Of Outstanding Natural Beauty (1982-1984), was the first work I came across by Keith Arnatt.  This was some time before he would eventually be back in vogue thanks to Tate Britain’s well received conceptual exhibition, of … Continue reading

Responses: Alison and Peter Smithson’s Architecture (London).


Alison and Peter Smithson are two of the most influential architects of the 20th century.  This is in spite of the fact that only several of their buildings made it past the design stage and that, of those that did … Continue reading

Dérives: The Magnet and The Last Resort (New Brighton).


As a last hurrah of being on Merseyside before moving, I decided to revisit a place just down the road from where I’d lived on The Wirral; armed with a desire to dig up some of its surprising past glories.  … Continue reading

Responses: Richard Long’s A Line Made By Walking (1967).


Rather like the work of sculptor, Andy Goldsworthy, Richard Long’s work almost constantly and immediately asks an intriguing question: which part of the work is the official segment of “art”?  Is it the very act of the process of making … Continue reading

Responses: Jeremy Millar’s A Firework For Sebald (2005).


The strongest moment in Grant Gee’s documentary on W.G. Sebald, Patience (After Sebald) (2012), is courtesy of a photographic work by the artist, Jeremy Millar. Towards the end of film, the inevitable addressing of the tragedy of Sebald’s life being … Continue reading

Responses: Andy Goldsworthy’s Ice Arch (1982).


While Andy Goldsworthy’s work has a general theme of transience running right through its core, it is perhaps best summarised as a theme in his work in the use of ice within sculpture.  Though almost everything the artist does has … Continue reading

Responses: John James Audubon’s Animals And Birds.

(c) University of Liverpool; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

On a day where an unusually hazy rain persisted in a constant downfall, I took refuge in the redbrick building of the Victoria Museum and Gallery that lies at the top of Brownlow Hill.  The building sits in sharp contrast … Continue reading

Responses: Henry Moore’s Sheep Sketchbook (1980).

henry-moore-sheep-drawing-2-1379802785_org (1)

The sculptor Henry Moore saw a stark link between the rock that was both his material and inspiration, and the grazing calmness of sheep.  The animals stand out in the landscape in the same, oblique way, providing an aesthetic of … Continue reading