Trailer – The Coastal Path.

Here’s a trailer for my next short film called The Coastal Path.  It’s a ghost story and filmed on both digital and super 8 film.  I’ll be going into detail about the film when it is eventually available to watch online (i.e. when it’s finished) but for now, I wanted a trailer just to sum up the work so far.  It has taken a lot of effort to get the footage together, with the location being particularly far to get to when picking the actors up from Liverpool, making filming difficult to organise, especially around the weather which was dependent on being right (a difficult ask for a northern coastal aspect of a peninsular…).

It’s a film that I’m increasingly becoming lost in, quite specifically lost around the idea that I’m trying to achieve a visual of the typical young filmmaker but hiding something rather nasty behind it.  I wanted to create a character that was equally as lost down that avenue but also someone who had sought to solve it through more nostalgic methods (using super 8 film).  I can’t pretend that this isn’t a reflection of my own frustrated self as a filmmaker.

The film is still, however, a ghost story and one that is very earnestly influenced by M.R. James and his concept of the Inorganic Demon as seen in such stories as The View From The Hill and Oh, Whistle and I’ll Come To You, M’Lad.  It isn’t strictly an adaptation though the narrative does follow a similar path to the former story and also an idea from The Stalls of Barcester which will remain unnamed for now.  James’ ideas are so built for filmic media that it’s hard to resist their allure and this film will be twinned with the publication of my Masters dissertation later in the year which looks at the use of sound and music in the BBC Ghost Stories.

Hopefully, The Coastal Path will use the ideas of landscape, nostalgia, and the desire of the aesthetically obsessed as a gateway into something more dangerous; that the desire for a new surface patina is a hollow and vacuous goal that will be punishable eventually whether through creative failure or something more harmful.  It’ll be online soon.



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