Sex and the Landscape in Zabriskie Point (1970) and The Last Movie (1971)


“Once I loved a man who was a lot like the desert, and before that I loved the desert.” – Rebecca Solnit (2006). Late last year, I quite accidently combined the viewing of two films that spoke of a theme … Continue reading

Showreel 2016


I was initially struggling to put together a showreel for 2016.  I don’t think my film work has ever been so reliant on its varied soundworlds for their full context and so pulling the strongest images out of that context … Continue reading

Responses: Poems On Landscape and Melancholy


Throughout 2016, I’ve been trying to respond to artwork about landscape in more ways than simply essays.  I found that in trying convey work that I liked, there was only so far I could go with conventional journalistic and essay … Continue reading

Trailer – The Attempt (Edward Thomas)


Above is the trailer for my final short of the year, a film detailing an event in the life of the poet and writer, Edward Thomas.  I’ve had a personal fascination with Thomas for a few years now, properly diving … Continue reading

Wire and Grass: Landscape Binaries in Television and Reality.


At the recent Alchemical Landscape conference in Cambridge, there was some interesting analysis of the portrayal of landscape in the opening sequence of Alan Clarke’s Play For Today episode, Penda’s Fen (1974).  The point in the analysis was to show the … Continue reading

Place and Youth in Margaret Tait’s A Portrait Of Ga (1952).


“My mother lives in the windy Orkney Islands.  It’s certainly a wonderful place to be brought up in.” – A Portrait Of Ga In making a short film about her mother, the experimental filmmaker, Margaret Tait, essentially drew upon an … Continue reading

Responses: Andy Goldsworthy’s Ice Arch (1982).


While Andy Goldsworthy’s work has a general theme of transience running right through its core, it is perhaps best summarised as a theme in his work in the use of ice within sculpture.  Though almost everything the artist does has … Continue reading

Short Film – The Menhir Motorway.


The Menhir Motorway is the first film of 2016 and it should set the tone for the rest of the year’s projects.  Having filmed in late December, a mere few days before Christmas in the freezing edge-lands of Wallasey on … Continue reading

Fear And Loathing In The Countryside – Withnail And I (1987).


British cinema is obsessed with the effect of location upon the individual.  In fact, it wouldn’t be so sweeping to suggest that large swaths of culture born on these isles stems from the idea that the individual can be deeply … Continue reading

Salthouse Marshes (Ghost Story).


In October I released a ghost story for Halloween.  It was partly inspired by Algernon Blackwood’s The Willows, but the majority of its actual narrative structure (especially in terms of character) came from a short story of my own inspired as … Continue reading