Short Film – Greenteeth

Above is Greenteeth, my film adaptation of the short story by Gary Budden which can be read in his upcoming volume of short stories.  It is currently up for a fantasy award and follows the pressures on a young woman in a struggling part of north London whose social worries begin manifest in more folkloric ways through the legend of Jenny Greenteeth.  The film came … Continue reading Short Film – Greenteeth

Forest (Short Film) and A Screaming Breeze (Book).

For some time now I have been involved in a collaborative arts project with local illustrator and artist Katie Craven.  Before the first stage of the project could be unleashed onto the unsuspecting public, the project collapsed in on itself thanks to a Belgian art gallery among other things.  To show just how close it got to being finished, there’s even a stop press advert … Continue reading Forest (Short Film) and A Screaming Breeze (Book).

Maya Deren And The Scores Of Teiji Ito (Meshes Of The Afternoon + Others)

Time past and time future, What might have been and what has been, Point to one end, which is always present. – T.S Eliot (Four Quartets) There’s a clash often present in the films of Maya Deren but especially in the ones that incorporate music into their styling.  From her most famous short Meshes Of The Afternoon (1943 or 1952 with music) to other titles such as … Continue reading Maya Deren And The Scores Of Teiji Ito (Meshes Of The Afternoon + Others)

Interview with Ben Rivers.

Originally published in ACE Magazine. Ben Rivers is one of Britain’s leading filmmakers, broaching the ground between narrative and documentary film.  He has been making short films since 2003 but he has recently risen in popularity at the release of his first feature length film, Two Years At Sea in 2011.  Rivers is famed, not just for creating haunting visuals but also for using a … Continue reading Interview with Ben Rivers.