2020 Review

In what has undoubtedly been a cursed year, I have been thankfully kept sane by a number of things, namely films and books but also a few other outlets of frustration. Suffice to say, when you’re taking solace from a hobby for which the tagline is ‘In the grim darkness of far future, there is only war’, you can bet it has been a pretty … Continue reading 2020 Review

Mothlight (Film)

Above is a short film made with Influx Press all about my next book, Mothlight. Running back and forth between London and Merseyside, the film features me waffling on a little and also revisiting the original locations up north that inspired the book. Also featured, for which I’m incredibly lucky, are some readings by my previous voice-over collaborator Paul Carmichael who lends his rich tones … Continue reading Mothlight (Film)

Memorial Dungeons: In Thomas Bernhard’s House

In 1965, Thomas Bernhard bought a house. It was bought roughly between the writing of several novellas, including Watten (1964), and his second novel, Gargoyles (1967). The house is not really house but a collection of farm houses known in German as Vierkanthof; a word that hints at a mockery typical of one of his characters. “Kant” sits in the middle just like the courtyard … Continue reading Memorial Dungeons: In Thomas Bernhard’s House

2017 Review

Like last year, I have tried to keep up with enough new releases to eventually have something say at the end of the year.  And exactly like last year, I have virtually failed to see ten new releases that I’ve actually enjoyed.  I quietly accepted once again that, with some notable exceptions, new digital films are not especially for me and require a huge crossover … Continue reading 2017 Review

Wanders: Goethe Dies (Strasbourg)

It came with a great sense of relief that, on the 29th of March, I had a plane to catch.  This plane that I was to catch on the afternoon of the 29th was heading to Strasbourg; a visit to ma chérie and an escape from the 29th of March or what the 29th of March now represented which was everything contrary to reason.  Exactly … Continue reading Wanders: Goethe Dies (Strasbourg)