Doomwatch, J.G. Ballard and High-Rise

Having recently finished all of the remaining episodes of the early 1970s BBC series, Doomwatch, I had the strange feeling that I had slipped into a parallel world; one where the BBC had worked closely with the writer, J.G. Ballard, to make a series that addressed his themes.  Though the series largely resembles Ballard's earlier … Continue reading Doomwatch, J.G. Ballard and High-Rise

Wanders: Planet Stratford with John Rogers (London).

When recently interviewing the writer and filmmaker, John Rogers, the setting of our meeting place in Stratford played heavily upon my mind.  Such was the contrast between so many of the buildings and spaces within the area that many ideas came about just from a quick meander around its many new developments.  Because of this … Continue reading Wanders: Planet Stratford with John Rogers (London).

Wanders: Ian Nairn’s Pimlico (London).

I've always had a slight relationship with Victoria and Pimlico in London.  As central London areas go, it has always represented two things to me: the awful feeling of leaving the city and the sense of dread at having to wander around somewhere largely built of private buildings, houses and hotels (not the ideal place … Continue reading Wanders: Ian Nairn’s Pimlico (London).

“Wyrd” Wirral – Spirits Of Place (02/04/2016)

This is an edited version of the paper given at Spirits Of Place in Calderstones Park, Liverpool 02/04/2016.  My thanks to John Reppion and Leah Moore for organising the event and for to the other excellent speakers (Gill Hoffs, David Southwell, Gary Budden, Kenneth Brophy, Richard Macdonald, Ian "Cat" Vincent and Ramsey Campbell).  Here's to … Continue reading “Wyrd” Wirral – Spirits Of Place (02/04/2016)

Wanders: The M53 Cavern (A Northern Concrete Island)

Dérive 1 - The M53 Cavern (A Northern Concrete Island) - 23/12/2015. In a dérive one or more persons during a certain period drop their relations, their work and leisure activities, and all their other usual motives for movement and action, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters … Continue reading Wanders: The M53 Cavern (A Northern Concrete Island)