Death And The Urban Landscape Of Herostratus (1967).

In spite of many British films in late 1960s playing along with the optimistic idea of the counter-culture, free loving dream, several films from era stuck out for their adherence to the harsher reality of late 1960s, urban life.  This is a trait often more associated with the early 1970s, in particular, where all the ideals came crashing down, creating films such as Get Carter … Continue reading Death And The Urban Landscape Of Herostratus (1967).

2014 Review and Top 10s.

Best New Releases. 2014 has been a year that I’ve genuinely struggled to keep up with in terms of new releases.  The sheer wealth of material out there and the incessant obsession of online reviewers to desperately be up-to-date has been an interesting but ultimately fruitless exercise to try and mimic.  Luckily, I’ve watched a good number of excellent films from all around the world … Continue reading 2014 Review and Top 10s.