Mothlight was released on the 7th of February and I’ve been going on about it on social media quite heavily. In spite of this, I wanted to post a quick update about the book and then generally leave the discussions surrounding it to official events and to other websites. The guys at Influx Press (Gary Budden, Kit Caless and Sanya Semakula) have been wonderful and we’ve been working hard to get the word out there about the book. In this post, I wanted to gather together a number of different things. Basically, however, this is a big thank you post to all who have so far helped with getting the word out there in a multitude of ways and gathering some of the lovely things that have happened so far surrounding the book.


You can buy Mothlight in a number of ways. You can get it online from the publisher, from the usual shops, from Amazon and elsewhere. It’s already been spotted at a number of shops, including sharing some incredible company at the Charing Cross Road branch of Foyles. It’ll soon be available at most independent bookshops too.



Two of the chief things we did before its release were to set up an Instagram account to house the wonderful photos that make up the book and make a short film explaining some of the book’s themes and ideas. Below is a link to that account (which especially takes advantage of the original photographs’ vivid colours) and the film for those interested in watching further.



We’ve had two brilliant events so far to celebrate the birth of Mothlight. The first was on the 8th of February at The Photographer’s Gallery in Soho. We went for a more multimedia approach and enlisted the help of some talented people including Soma Ghosh, Ellen Rogers, Gary Budden and Joseph Kendra (the latter who is thanked especially for all of this work in organising and setting up the event). Some pictures of it are below (taken by Kaveh Abbasian) and here is a link to Ellen’s post in particular about the event and her talk.


The second event was a more typical book launch, hosted by the lovely people at Brick Lane Bookshop in Shoreditch. This was just a little reading and a Q+A surrounding the book but was notable, with it being my 30th, for a surprise appearance from my father who brought a Mothlight cake. My thanks to the guys from the shop and again to Influx for sorting that out.



I’ve done a number of interviews so far, some quite straightforward, others more complex. If you picked up a copy of the second February edition of The Big Issue (north), you will have seen an interview there. It is now online and a link below along with several others.


The Double Negative

Ginger Nuts

Civilian Reader

BBC Northern Ireland

The Big Issue



Mothlight has received some really humbling reviews and endorsements so far. Adam Nevill, the writer of The Ritual, said: “The English landscape, peculiarly charged domestic spaces, a suggestion of the uncanny and a mind unravelling at the heart of it all. Restrained, precise, perceptive writing.” Paul Tremblay, writer of The Cabin at The End Of The World, called it “Innovative, moody and melancholy. This intriguing novel’s obsessions will become yours.” And Luke Turner, writer of Out of the Woods, said it was “An eerily compelling book reminiscent of Arthur Machen.” I’ve collated a small number of some of the reviews so far sent my way. My genuine thanks to all who have taken the time to read and consider the book properly, as well as to Nicolette Praca for arranging the promotion of the book.

Never Imitate



The London Magazine

Cardiff Review

Book Munch

Literary Noise

Ginger Nuts

Indie Lit Fic



Psychogeographic Review

The Haunted Bookshelf

Into The Gyre

The Mothnan Prophecies

SFX Review

And finally, thanks to everyone who has bought Mothlight or supported it in any way so far. I’ll shut up about it now. Onward!

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