2018 Review

New Releases Happy End – Michael Haneke Faces Places - Agnès Varda The Antigone – Tacita Dean Let The Sunshine In – Claire Denis You Were Never Really Here – Lynne Ramsay I don’t get to the cinema much these days, being both skint and constantly nervous of Dolby Surround Sound which sadly gives rise … Continue reading 2018 Review


2014 Review and Top 10s.

Best New Releases. 2014 has been a year that I've genuinely struggled to keep up with in terms of new releases.  The sheer wealth of material out there and the incessant obsession of online reviewers to desperately be up-to-date has been an interesting but ultimately fruitless exercise to try and mimic.  Luckily, I've watched a … Continue reading 2014 Review and Top 10s.

The Long Goodbye (1973, Robert Altman) – A Musical Critique of Film-Noir.

Out of all of the modern interpretations of film-noir produced in the 1970s, The Long Goodbye (1973) is by far the most aesthetically interesting.  This isn't only because of its integration with counter-culture ideas and values, but with its continuous critical assessment of genre tropes.  This critique, which extends to the literature and music as … Continue reading The Long Goodbye (1973, Robert Altman) – A Musical Critique of Film-Noir.

Nashville (1975) – Robert Altman (Masters of Cinema).

This reviewer contains spoilers. Robert Altman was a master in critiquing American forms of culture.  So many of his greatest renowned work revolves around taking an American form, cultural sect, or problem and portraying their dramatically polar angles of perspective often denied to it (then and now) in mainstream culture.  From early documentaries on college … Continue reading Nashville (1975) – Robert Altman (Masters of Cinema).