Trailer – No Diggin’ Here.

There are few writers that figure more prominently in everything I do than the teller of beautiful Edwardian ghost stories, M.R. James.  Alongside W.G. Sebald, J.G. Ballard, Alan Garner and Virginia Woolf, his writing holds a great power over me with its familiar yet unfamiliar worlds.  His writing preys upon my mind at regular intervals, … Continue reading Trailer – No Diggin’ Here.

The London Nobody Knows (1969) – Psychogeographic Fluctuation.

Norman Cohen's filmic version of Geoffrey Fletcher's 1967 book, The London Nobody Knows, could hardly be called an adaptation.  With the book being a mixture of personal documentary and the historical exploring of London streets, its narrative is one purely of journeys if anything else.  Cohen was already used to this blurring of fiction and … Continue reading The London Nobody Knows (1969) – Psychogeographic Fluctuation.

Trailer – A Walk By Waiting (Pinter/Sinclair).

Above is the trailer for a very short fragment of film made in collaboration with the writer, Iain Sinclair.  Though I had been thinking about doing something with the poems of Harold Pinter for the some time, I had left it to stew away rather than properly organise it as with other, simpler films.  With … Continue reading Trailer – A Walk By Waiting (Pinter/Sinclair).

Ringo’s Dérive in A Hard Day’s Night (1964).

Richard Lester's film collaboration with The Beatles, A Hard Day's Night (1964), has been attributed many aspects of foreshadowing modern culture.  From the almost accidental invention of the surrealism-infused music video to the defining of pre-counter-culture 1960s Britain and London, the film acts as both a periodical bubble and an innovative audio-visual experience that is … Continue reading Ringo’s Dérive in A Hard Day’s Night (1964).