Wandering Through – Robert Walser’s A Little Ramble (1914)

I savour Robert Walser’s fragmentary work.  Though I’ve read several volumes of his collected sketches, I’ve yet to read any of his full length novels.  I have some trepidation about them, almost definitely unfounded, in that it is the formal qualities of such short snippets that draws me into his optimistic depression, his meandering playfulness and his utter enchantment with the everyday.  A particular favourite … Continue reading Wandering Through – Robert Walser’s A Little Ramble (1914)

Paths Of Glory – Stanley Kubrick (1955)

The pointlessness of war and the slaughter of men at the word of fools at the top of the hill has been a poignant and depressingly timeless subject of war films since their very inception.  One of the most powerful of these films is Stanley Kubrick’s Paths Of Glory(1955) which portrays the most infuriating yet believable tales of injustice. The film deliberately accentuates the contrasts between … Continue reading Paths Of Glory – Stanley Kubrick (1955)

Taxi Driver – Martin Scorsese (1976)

New York is a living beast.  Though a sense of cleanliness prevails over many of the affluent inner city districts these days, in the 1970′s it seems a pulsing, writhing mass of people and dirt.  Woody Allen’s Manhattan (1979) seems contrary to this yet the films that revel in this filthy concoction of crime and murder are some of the most addictive of the era. This mix is … Continue reading Taxi Driver – Martin Scorsese (1976)