The “English Eerie” and The Landscape Venn.


As I write this, it is just under two weeks to the Spectral Landscapes event in Oxford.  Put together between myself and the Oxford University’s Romantic society through Jen Wood, the event is looking at the resurgence of interest in … Continue reading

Uncanny Portals And Standing Stones (Children Of The Stones, The Owl Service and Barbara Hepworth) – Part 3.


Part 1. Part 2. The Eeriness of Landscape Entities. The final aspect to assess is the natural eeriness created from putting an object within a landscape; here, it is the context of such an action and implications of the aesthetics … Continue reading

Walking “A Warning To The Curious” (M.R. James).


A few years back, whilst on holiday in Norfolk, I began exploring some of locations used for the BBC’s famous M.R. James adaptations, specifically for Lawrence Gordon Clark’s adaptation of A Warning To The Curious (1972).  Though I had been … Continue reading

Journey Within Practice – Richard Long and Chris Marker.


The work of Richard Long is so indebted to the act of walking into a landscape that it seems a rather obvious aspect to point out.  While many of his transient works, especially of the sculptural variety left in various … Continue reading

Trailer – Salthouse Marshes.


Above is the trailer for my last film of the year, Salthouse Marshes.  Continuing on from last year’s theme in a trend I hope to continue with on a yearly basis, the film is a short, landscape obsessed ghost story.  … Continue reading

Uncanny Portals And Standing Stones (Children Of The Stones, The Owl Service and Barbara Hepworth)- Part 2.


Part 1. Portals, Dimensions and Time. For Barbara Hepworth the process actually began in Yorkshire, and Cornwall is the second and last English phase of a basic topographical emotion which is no longer a matter of geography but one of … Continue reading

Emerson’s Nature and Sleep Furiously (2008) – Gideon Koppel.


Nature is always present or at the very least contrasted against something in Gideon Koppel’s nostalgia portrait, Sleep Furiously (2008).  In spite of the film being a very clear ethnographic postcard from the director’s past, having lived previously in the … Continue reading

Mirrors, Donald Cammell and Jorge Luis Borges.


More so than his relationship with painting, film, drugs or threesomes, Donald Cammell’s life and work seems to have been directly linked with mirrors.  While all of the former aspects played huge roles and allowed access to knowledge of his … Continue reading

Isolation And Madness In Cul-De-Sac (1966) – Roman Polanski.


Few films are as explicit in their depiction of character relationships that are at the mercy of the fluctuating landscape than Roman Polanski’s 1966 film, Cul-De-Sac.  Polanski had been to both ends of the environmental spectrum within his previous two … Continue reading

Uncanny Portals And Standing Stones (Children Of The Stones and Barbara Hepworth)- Part 1.

1954, St. Ives, Cornwall, England, UK --- Barbara Hepworth, 1903-1975, sculptor, shown in the grounds of her workplace,Trewyn Studios, St.Ives, Cornwall, in 1954. Her garden and studio are now in the care of the Tate Gallery. The Tate Gallery, U.K., has 128 works by Hepworth, who was one of the most influential sculptors of the mid 20th century. | Location: St.Ives, Cornwall, U.K..  --- Image by © Brian Seed/Lebrecht Music & Arts/Corbis

Introduction. The building of form within the space of landscape has become a common occurrence in sculpture for a number of years now.  The moving of artistic forms out-of-doors provides so many new potential contexts that it seems almost puerile to … Continue reading