Interview With Jeremy Burnham (Children Of The Stones, 1977).


Alongside Trevor Ray, Jeremy Burnham co-created the fantastical Folk Horror drama, Children Of The Stones (1977). Now considered a key text in 1970s Folk Horror and possibly one of the scariest programs ever conceived for children, I caught up with … Continue reading

Death and Landscape in Drowning By Numbers (1988) – Peter Greenaway.


In Henri David Thoreau’s influential work, Walden (1854), he speaks of many elements of the natural landscape and the deeper meaning within it.  Tying into the first movement of transcendentalism, Thoreau’s was one of a number of works that sought … Continue reading

The Ritual Of Craft In Folk Horror.


With the ideas of the Folk Horror Chain starting to seem incomplete as the sub-genre grows in popularity and is more analysed, it’s about time further facets, themes, ideas and traits were added to the conversation.  This will be the … Continue reading

Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders (1970) – Duality Through Sound and Vision (Part 1).


Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders (1970) – Duality Through Sound and Vision. Jaromil Jireš’ Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders (1970) is a cornucopia of images and sound.  Its vision is of a complex blossoming of sexuality amidst the visual … Continue reading

Short Film – Weirdstone (For Alan Garner).

Weirdstone 1

“It is for this reason that we find that co-existence, which could neither be in time alone, for time has no contiguity, nor in space alone, for space has no before, after, or now, is established through matter.” (p.12, 1891) … Continue reading

Quatermass II (Nigel Kneale) – Fear Of The Outsider Within The Landscape.


The characters of Nigel Kneale’s work rarely like the “outsider”.  The drama of his plays is often built around small groups of people at odds with (or at least representational nationally of being at odds with) some concept of the … Continue reading

The Ancient And The Otherworldly In Lucifer Rising (1970) – Kenneth Anger.

Sequence 02.Still001

Much has been written about Kenneth Anger’s final counter-culture outpouring, Lucifer Rising.  So often the discussion of its history, its constantly evolving final form, and its links with Charles Manson’s “Family”, overshadow the real thematic content of the short film.  … Continue reading

Objectification As Desire In The 1960s British Youth Film.


On a recent exploration of several films from the 1960s, some startling realisations occurred.  A change in moral values is pretty easy to distinguish within any given time-frame but the casual representation of the era’s moral values were a shock … Continue reading

The Aural Aesthetics Of Ghosts in BBC Ghost Stories – Part 9 (Conclusions).


Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Conclusions. “If its central characteristics remained immune to change, the ghost story did keep pace with the times through progressive modernization of settings and … Continue reading

Perception Of Landscape in A Journey To Avebury (1971) – Derek Jarman.


Out of all of Derek Jarman’s pre-feature length film work, his short capture of a 1971 walking trip, A Journey To Avebury, is perhaps his most interesting and subtly complex piece of short film work.  These were the early days … Continue reading