The Music of Folk Horror – Part 6 (Blood on Satan’s Claw).


Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Musical Avant-Garde and Overt Anachronisms in Blood on Satan’s Claw (1971). “I think the other thing that appealed to me was the rural setting.  The nooks and crannies of woodland, … Continue reading

An Episode In The Life Of An Iron Picket (2013) – Danis Tanovic.

maxresdefault (1)

Communities that live on the fringes of modern society have always had a particular interest to a certain breed of filmmakers.  Ken Loach focuses on some aspects of this in his work while Pier Paolo Pasolini positively insists on involving … Continue reading

Trailer – The Coastal Path.


Here’s a trailer for my next short film called The Coastal Path.  It’s a ghost story and filmed on both digital and super 8 film.  I’ll be going into detail about the film when it is eventually available to watch … Continue reading

A Musicological Study of Ken Russell’s Composer Films – Part 1 (Introduction).


The Russell Prism: How Ken Russell’s Auteuristic Aesthetics Presents a Reception Study of Classical Music and its Composers. The following essay was a dummy-run dissertation for my Masters course before realising that the subject had already been covered thrice in … Continue reading

The Music of Folk Horror – Part 5 (The Wicker Man’s Diegesis).


Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Diegesis in The Wicker Man. Some of the music assessed in the last section raised further questions besides their thematic and narrative content.  Though this element was an important part of the … Continue reading

Alain Robbe- Grillet: Six Films, 1963-1974 (BFI).


This review contains minor plot details. When a body of work is inherently made up of intricately layered themes and hidden caches of ideas, surmising the work as a whole can be extremely difficult.  This is never more prescient than … Continue reading

The Long Goodbye (1973, Robert Altman) – A Musical Critique of Film-Noir.

Long Goodbye beach

Out of all of the modern interpretations of film-noir produced in the 1970s, The Long Goodbye (1973) is by far the most aesthetically interesting.  This isn’t only because of its integration with counter-culture ideas and values, but with its continuous … Continue reading

Eraserhead (1977) – Sickly Soundscapes (David Lynch).


For a film as heavily symbolic as David Lynch’s Eraserhead (1977), readings of its aesthetic aspects are often commonplace within the cinematic discourse of the film.  Lynch has often made explicit use of the medium’s inherent dream-state as a tool … Continue reading

News From Home (1976-77) And The Transcience Of Family – Chantal Akerman.


A dialectic commentary of personal history is presented in Chantal Akerman’s News From Home (1976-77); a feature length cinematic experiment that seems born of cathartic necessity rather than simply creative ambition.  Akerman had been working her way up throughout the … Continue reading

The Music of Folk Horror – Part 4 (The Wicker Man’s Narrative Functionality).


Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Narrative Functionality. “Significantly, both for The Jazz Singer and the musical genre as a whole, much of the film’s meaning is encoded in its music…” (Mundy, p.46, 1999). The music of The Wicker Man, … Continue reading