Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders (1970) – Duality Through Sound And Vision (Part 4).


Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Conclusions. Whilst this essay has attempted to be as detailed as possible in its readings of Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders, there’s little doubt that covering every aspect of the film would be an … Continue reading

Repetition, Adorno and 71 Fragments Of A Chronology Of Chance (Haneke).


Much has been written about the stark comparisons between the cinema of Michael Haneke and the culture theories of the Frankfurt School of philosophy.  In the 2010 book, A Companion To Michael Haneke, Roy Grundmann devotes a whole essay in … Continue reading

Electronic Music And Mental Illness In Cinema.


This article contains narrative spoilers. From its very earliest occurrences, electronic instrumentation and music has been used in cinema to signpost various aspects of mental health problems and issues within diegetic characters.  Alongside its uses in creating alien worlds, electronic … Continue reading

The Night Of The Hunter (1955) And The Death Waltz – Charles Laughton.


One of the best and most underrated moments from Charles Laughton’s The Night Of The Hunter (1955), the scene that captures the murder of Willa (Shelly Winters) after a prolonged period of brainwashing by Preacher Harry Powell (Robert Mitchum), is … Continue reading

Demise Of The Rural in Requiem For A Village (1976) And “Going, Going” (Philip Larkin).


I thought it would be last my time – The sense that, beyond the town, There would always be fields and farms, Where the village louts could climb Such trees as were not cut down; I knew there’d be false … Continue reading

Falconry, H Is For Hawk, and Powell & Pressburger.


After recently finishing Helen Macdonald’s excellent book, H Is For Hawk, a number of connections and synchronicities emerged that all seemed in some way to tie in to its various chapters and ideas.  Whilst many of these were of a … Continue reading

The “Urban Wyrd” In Folk Horror.


One of the key criticisms of the Folk Horror Chain is its emphasis, both in argument and in evidence, upon the rural landscape and its various elements.  While the key works of Folk Horror cinema seem to broadly use rural, … Continue reading

Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders (1970) – Duality Through Sound and Vision (Part 3).

la sorcière

Part 1. Part 2. Belief And Ritual. The power of belief and its will in the distortion of reality is one of Valerie‘s more crucial cinematic aspects.  This isn’t simply a belief in the sense of a religious doctrine and … Continue reading

Death And The Urban Landscape Of Herostratus (1967).


In spite of many British films in late 1960s playing along with the optimistic idea of the counter-culture, free loving dream, several films from era stuck out for their adherence to the harsher reality of late 1960s, urban life.  This … Continue reading

Trailer – Holloway (Robert Macfarlane).


Above is the trailer for the film that I have been working on with Robert Macfarlane.  Only recently, upon reading a Wikipedia entry no less, did I discover that it is an adaptation of a “Sunday Times best-seller”.  Perhaps it … Continue reading