Responses: Blind Landings (2013) – Jane And Louise Wilson.


Debris degrades and degradation can be measured but can art be this measurement?  Orford Ness in Suffolk, a former atomic weapons mechanism research and testing facility, doesn’t ask these questions but the place has attracted such a huge number of … Continue reading

Fear And Loathing In The Countryside – Withnail And I (1987).


British cinema is obsessed with the effect of location upon the individual.  In fact, it wouldn’t be so sweeping to suggest that large swaths of culture born on these isles stems from the idea that the individual can be deeply … Continue reading

Salthouse Marshes (Ghost Story).


In October I released a ghost story for Halloween.  It was partly inspired by Algernon Blackwood’s The Willows, but the majority of its actual narrative structure (especially in terms of character) came from a short story of my own inspired as … Continue reading

Showreel 2015.


Above is a showreel built from footage I’ve shot over the last twelve months.  Compared to last year’s showreel, this one feels far more defined and less haphazard with the visual ideas I want to play with.  Gone are the … Continue reading

2015 Top 10 (New Releases and First Time Viewings).


New releases As often stated at the beginning of my end of year reviews, I’ve struggled to keep up with the year’s new releases.  Every year, so much more new cinema is put out there for consideration that I doubt … Continue reading

Communicative Reality in The Lover (1963) – Harold Pinter.


This article contains plot twists. Harold Pinter’s The Lover was a script first publically showcased as a television play in March 1963[i] before it went on for a theatre run a few months later starting from September that year.  As a … Continue reading

Murder In The Cathedral (1952) – George Hoellering (BFI).


British cinema in the early 1950s appears to have been fond of experimenting with other art forms.  Powell and Pressburger were transplanting opera and dance into the form in their colour zoetrope Offenbach amalgamation, The Tales Of Hoffmann (1951) (and … Continue reading

The Breeze In The Grass – Elemental Realisation in Tarkovsky’s Mirror (1975).


In last month’s issue of Sight & Sound (November, 2015) Nick James details his relationship with the cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky in line with the season of films he’s curated for the BFI.  Though the article is chiefly surrounding Tarkovsky’s … Continue reading

Short Film – Salthouse Marshes.


Salthouse Marshes began life in a strange way.  Having chatted about adapting Algernon Blackwood’s The Willows with Robert Macfarlane (who had wanted to re-set it in England), there was always to be a “haunted waterway” film on the cards.  But, … Continue reading

Ritual And Identity in Penda’s Fen (1974) – Alan Clarke.


The relationship between myth and ritual has been often debated within anthropology ever since its Victoriana days of enlightened scientific thinking through the prism of evolution and the birth of mechanisation and industrial blight.  The idea of returning to the … Continue reading