Great British Documentaries

“In documentary we deal with the actual, and in one sense with the real. But the really real, if I may use that phrase, is something deeper than that. The only reality which counts in the end is the interpretation which is profound.” – John Grierson. With Sight & Sound’s recent poll for best documentaries (September 2014), I wanted to explore some of the British … Continue reading Great British Documentaries

Diary (2010) – Tim Hetherington (Open Eye Gallery).

An exhibition of Tim Hetherington’s excellent, emotionally charged photography work is currently on display at Open Eye Gallery. Whereas a whole exhibition of high standard work would usually warrant an long, blow-by-blow review, there is a piece currently on display there that not only sums up the whole show but also requires a full and proper write-up all of its own. The piece is a … Continue reading Diary (2010) – Tim Hetherington (Open Eye Gallery).