2013 in Film.

In contrast to other cineastes that I follow online, I really don’t get out that much. While so many excellent film writers seem to be able to see every relevant new release as it comes (even before if they’re lucky enough to have time and money to get thoroughly into the festival circuit), it’s actually a rarity for me to be able to get into … Continue reading 2013 in Film.

Interview with Pat Collins (Silence, 2012).

Pat Collins may perhaps be better known for his engaging documentaries but this year sees the release of his debut feature film in the UK.  Silence is a stunning debut film, full of philosophy, poetry and visual beauty.  The film shows a confidence within the new form as well as an expert use of layering different emotions and textures upon one another.  A full analysis … Continue reading Interview with Pat Collins (Silence, 2012).

Silence (Pat Collins, 2012) – Landscape and Nostalgia.

Nostalgia can manifest in many forms at the cinema.  Sometimes it can be overt, sometimes it can be unconscious but film is most definitely the medium to explore its inner workings.  A number of films have recently used sound, not just in an interesting way, but as a major part of the narrative and character focus whilst touching upon nostalgia.  These range from the superb … Continue reading Silence (Pat Collins, 2012) – Landscape and Nostalgia.