Trailer – Salthouse Marshes.

Above is the trailer for my last film of the year, Salthouse Marshes.  Continuing on from last year’s theme in a trend I hope to continue with on a yearly basis, the film is a short, landscape obsessed ghost story.  With the BBC seeming reluctant to bother with a ghost story for Christmas any more, it feels necessary to in some way plug the gap … Continue reading Trailer – Salthouse Marshes.

Short Film – Pastoral.

Having been in the midst of my third year at university and an impending move out back home looming, I haven’t really had the time to film any new material.  Though this has been frustrating (I haven’t even bought film for my 8mm yet) I’ve managed to find some older material that I filmed at various points and thought I’d put some of it together. … Continue reading Short Film – Pastoral.

Music Video – Nadine Carina, Storm-Calm Feat. Gated.

It’s taken a while but yesterday I finally finished my first music video.  Most filmmakers tend to lean towards this medium at some point, whether as a means to an end financially or even as a general palette for a fast editing style but I didn’t favour either of these aspects.  I spent a long time looking for an artist like Nadine Carina, whose music … Continue reading Music Video – Nadine Carina, Storm-Calm Feat. Gated.