And I Miss You… The Nostalgic Womb of Tracey Thorn’s Voice

A strange act of temporal travel occurs for me when hearing the voice of Tracey Thorn. Thanks to exposure at an impressionably young age to two songs which feature her voice, her soft tones still to this day have an overly powerful effect on me. For the most part, this power is melancholic, for it reminds that the home life which surrounded my childhood self … Continue reading And I Miss You… The Nostalgic Womb of Tracey Thorn’s Voice

A Wander With Georges Perec

What can Georges Perec see out of the window? He’s sat as usual in Café de la Mairie, 8 place Saint-Sulpice in the 6th arrondissment, lodged at his single table by the window looking out. The Latin Quarter is passing by outside as always; it never really stops, merely lulls. On his small, plastic coated table, he has a pad and pencil bought from a … Continue reading A Wander With Georges Perec

Wanders: Paris & Cinema

I had, for some time, been wanting to dive into the city of Paris but had, for unconscious reasons, always put it off.  I could never figure out truly why the thought of this city had both a powerful draw and a hand pushing on my chest to keep my distance but, after finally visiting this summer, I knew the reason why.  It was because … Continue reading Wanders: Paris & Cinema