The Ravenous Poor in Heath Era British Cinema.

Trying to establish small cycles of trends in cinema is a key discipline in understanding the medium.  When a theme can be seen to traverse genre but be defined by era, it perhaps states more of a sociological argument than simply an aesthetic or a narrative one.  A particular group of films recently began to collect together in my own memory but the reason as … Continue reading The Ravenous Poor in Heath Era British Cinema.

If… – Lindsay Anderson (1968)

That natural progression from film critic to filmmaker seems to be a route rarely traversed these days.  The natural opposite of this is often a more comfortable way to explore both the medium and the craft, with many filmmakers writing books specifically after they’ve established a film career.  Along with renowned critic and filmmaker, Francois Truffaut, director and critic Lindsay Anderson is one of the … Continue reading If… – Lindsay Anderson (1968)