Georges Perec’s Les Lieux d’Une Fugue (1978)

When Georges Perec was 11, he decided to wander. In fact, escape is perhaps a better way of describing it; a jailbreak from his Aunt’s house in Rue de l’Assomption to wander Paris with who knows what planned other than avoiding school. It was such a defining experience for the writer that he later composed a text surrounding the feelings and places he encountered on … Continue reading Georges Perec’s Les Lieux d’Une Fugue (1978)

Edgeland Mindscape – Série Noire (1979)

There’s a man dancing in an edgeland. It’s a damp, empty landscape made of grey, sticky mud. There’s a burst tire next to a large pool of water where the man has parked his car. It’s a cheap car that fits in with the hopelessness of the surroundings. Paris high-rises haunt the skyline in the distance; this is the very edge of the city, forgotten … Continue reading Edgeland Mindscape – Série Noire (1979)