Diary (2010) – Tim Hetherington (Open Eye Gallery).

An exhibition of Tim Hetherington’s excellent, emotionally charged photography work is currently on display at Open Eye Gallery. Whereas a whole exhibition of high standard work would usually warrant an long, blow-by-blow review, there is a piece currently on display there that not only sums up the whole show but also requires a full and proper write-up all of its own. The piece is a … Continue reading Diary (2010) – Tim Hetherington (Open Eye Gallery).

New Fictions – Fallout Factory (Liverpool)

New Fictions showcases nine young artists looking to create and highlight the lack of questioning and assumptions made within the roles of art. Representation seems to be key to this idea, allowing a whole host of different mediums to be playfully ironic in subtly subverting the norms of presenting art work. The fiction that is new in question assumes that a fiction is automatic within … Continue reading New Fictions – Fallout Factory (Liverpool)