How Pale The Winter Has Made Us (Influx Press)

How Pale The Winter Has Made Us is my third book and was released on the 13th February. This means that, as of today, it has been out for three months. With a lot of the publicity and events collapsing around the book due to the ongoing Coronaviris situation, I thought I’d collate all of the things that have managed to happen surrounding the book in the hope of keeping interest going while plans are shifted and moved. The guys at Influx Press (Gary, Kit and Sanya) have been excellent as usual and so a big thank you to them and to everyone who has so far supported us by buying the book, coming to the handful of events we managed to get off the ground and those who continue to share news about the book too.


You can order How Pale in a number of ways. You can get it directly from Influx Press which is the surest way to help the publisher in our current times. Equally you can order it from a number of shops including Foyles, Waterstones and Blackwells. If you absolutely must Amazon is a last resort though there are plenty of independent bookshops still delivering which are worth a Google too.




As with Mothlight, How Pale has its own Instagram account where the photographs that both feature in and inspired the book can be seen and are shared regularly every week. Alongside this, How Pale also has its own little film where you can learn more about the book and hear me wittering on.

How Pale was also awarded the Republic of Consciousness’ Book of the Month in February when it was released. An interview with them was conducted here.

Republic of Consciousness


Before the lockdown, we managed to organise two events to coincide with the book, with a third having to be cancelled in Liverpool. Hopefully that third will be reorganised after the lockdown has been lifted. However, I was very, very lucky to have an excellent launch event in February. Not only was the launch at Foyles in Charing Cross Road but it was conducted by none other than Deborah Levy whose company was a pleasure to share and a real pinch yourself moment for me. Thanks especially to Clive at Foyles who has championed the book and whose support and work has been invaluable.

Photo by Erik Anderson

A month later, I travelled to Bristol again after the wonderful event organised last year at Spike Island (who recently uploaded their recorded interview with me talking about writing here). This time, I was talking at the amazing Stanfords Book Shop and it was again a lovely event with a really engaging audience. A write-up of the event was produced by Jackie Law, one of my favourite independent book critics, and can be read here.


Photo by Jackie Law


Mothlight received a range of positive reviews last year but one in particular made me nervous to see the reaction to How Pale, especially with any possible broadsheet coverage. Thankfully, the reviews that have been sent my way so far have been properly considered, detailed, helpful and genuinely a pleasure to read. A few are below, and my thanks again to the reviewers for taking the time to consider the book in depth.

The Guardian

The Times Literary Supplement


Museum of Modern Heart

Manchester Review of Books

Book Burrow

Starburst Magazine

La Connexion

Lonesome Reader


Psychogeographic Review


Into The Gyre

My thanks again to anyone who has helped support the book so far. Here’s hoping it can continue on the other side of lockdown.



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