The Golden Dream (2013) – Diego Quemada-Díez.

With a Bressonian flair and palpable tragedy, Diego Quemada-Díez’s The Golden Dream (2013) is a refreshing experience.  The film deals with the journeys of three young people from Guatemala trying desperately to reach north America, drenched very clearly in some misleading propaganda surrounding the American Dream.  The issue presented in the film isn’t simply one of escape but of false hopes and the eventual betrayal … Continue reading The Golden Dream (2013) – Diego Quemada-Díez.

Graveyard of the VHS.

It occurred one Saturday afternoon that my own deep and personal mourning for the innocent VHS had found a new low. When describing VHS to people who appear to be gradually younger and younger, it mimics those conversations witnessed with parents, explaining to their I-pod bound offspring what the big black thing is that’s playing a crackly, slightly warped version of Shine on You Crazy … Continue reading Graveyard of the VHS.

Pickpocket – Robert Bresson (1959)

One of the more subtle directors to come from outside of the French New Wave pool, Robert Bresson is a director more concerned with issues and ideas than the visual experimentation that obsessed Godard or Truffaut.  His 1959 film, Pickpocket, also shies away from the overtly political side of Alan Resnais and instead adopts an approach of social comment, which instantly seems refreshing. Pickpocket follows the Crime and … Continue reading Pickpocket – Robert Bresson (1959)