Peeping Tom (Michael Powell,1960) – Aural Perspectives of Murder.

In spite of its very energetic reappraisal and various analyses, Michael Powell’s career destroying masterpiece, Peeing Tom (1960), is a film whose musical eccentricities and sound design contain hidden depths. For a film that appears on the surface to be almost excessively Freudian, this was normal yet, when looking at some of the detailed reappraisals and even some of the high-end re-evaluations of its narrative … Continue reading Peeping Tom (Michael Powell,1960) – Aural Perspectives of Murder.

Taxi Driver – Martin Scorsese (1976)

New York is a living beast.  Though a sense of cleanliness prevails over many of the affluent inner city districts these days, in the 1970′s it seems a pulsing, writhing mass of people and dirt.  Woody Allen’s Manhattan (1979) seems contrary to this yet the films that revel in this filthy concoction of crime and murder are some of the most addictive of the era. This mix is … Continue reading Taxi Driver – Martin Scorsese (1976)