Trailer – A Walk By Waiting (Pinter/Sinclair).

Above is the trailer for a very short fragment of film made in collaboration with the writer, Iain Sinclair.  Though I had been thinking about doing something with the poems of Harold Pinter for the some time, I had left it to stew away rather than properly organise it as with other, simpler films.  With initially failing to get in touch with Iain, I had … Continue reading Trailer – A Walk By Waiting (Pinter/Sinclair).

Wanders: Harold Pinter’s East London

Dear Joe, I’d like to walk with you From Clapton Pond to Stamford Hill And on… (2009/1977, p.177) There’s a somewhat unexplored relationship between the work of Harold Pinter and act of walking, specifically walking and talking around London.  Perhaps because he is most famous for a form that is so strictly bound into one performative space, it is easily forgotten how vital walking around … Continue reading Wanders: Harold Pinter’s East London