Pierrot Le Fou – Jean-Luc Godard (1965)

Describing Jean-Luc Godard’s output in the 1960s as prolific would be an understatement.  From his 1960 debut feature film A Bout De Souffle, he produced a wealth of experimental, groundbreaking and kitsch films often highlighting political stances and reveling in absurd visual eccentricities.  One of the many highlights from this creative storm is his one of his many crime films; 1965’s Pierrot Le Fou.  Though crime was … Continue reading Pierrot Le Fou – Jean-Luc Godard (1965)

Pickpocket – Robert Bresson (1959)

One of the more subtle directors to come from outside of the French New Wave pool, Robert Bresson is a director more concerned with issues and ideas than the visual experimentation that obsessed Godard or Truffaut.  His 1959 film, Pickpocket, also shies away from the overtly political side of Alan Resnais and instead adopts an approach of social comment, which instantly seems refreshing. Pickpocket follows the Crime and … Continue reading Pickpocket – Robert Bresson (1959)

Blood of a Poet and The Testament of Orpheus – Jean Cocteau

The idea of film as pure art is something that divides so many views on the medium that it is seen to be part of a genre when a film tries to discuss anything artistically of merit.  So with the idea of art film as a genre itself rather than a creative perception, what is left is something that is both perceived as often difficult … Continue reading Blood of a Poet and The Testament of Orpheus – Jean Cocteau