Trailer – The Attempt (Edward Thomas)


Above is the trailer for my final short of the year, a film detailing an event in the life of the poet and writer, Edward Thomas.  I’ve had a personal fascination with Thomas for a few years now, properly diving … Continue reading

Fugitive Refuge In The Landscape – (A Cottage On Dartmoor, The 39 Steps, Hunted, Rogue Male).


Within the British tradition of the “Chase and Pursuit” drama, there are several reoccurring themes.  The idea of a lone individual being chased through different topographies by a group seems to have been popularised in Britain by the Second World … Continue reading

Filming In The Holloways.

FullSizeRender (14)

As some may know, I’m currently engaged in a collaborative project with the writer, Robert Macfarlane, and also in periphery with the artist Stanley Donwood.  Our aim is to produce a short visual summation of the fragmented novella booklet that … Continue reading