Summer Interlude – Ingmar Bergman (1951)

The slow and gradual death of a number of emotional pillars is a key theme to a much of Ingmar Bergman’s earlier work.  Though the death of religion dominates his work fromThe Seventh Seal onwards, the physical death through aging and the passing of time that causes this, is something reserved to his earlier work.  However the final conclusion of this act is almost never presented.  … Continue reading Summer Interlude – Ingmar Bergman (1951)

Winter Light – Ingmar Bergman (1963)

A dark vein of sorrow flows through many films by Swedish auteur Ingmar Bergman.  With his constant obsession with death, whether it be in the physical sense of the metaphorical death of emotion or belief, his films often pack a punch way ahead of their times.  In his so-called “Faith trilogy”, Bergman assesses the death of things dearest to the human psyche such as religion, … Continue reading Winter Light – Ingmar Bergman (1963)