Music Video – Pip Mountjoy, Your Skeleton.

In many ways, my second music video is similar to my first. It uses the same technique of speeding up pictures to create a living animation (such is my paranoia that my digital camera and program always makes my normal footage look awful). They both use the geography and landscape of a particular area to emphasise the music and lyrics. The main difference comes from … Continue reading Music Video – Pip Mountjoy, Your Skeleton.

Short Film – Pastoral.

Having been in the midst of my third year at university and an impending move out back home looming, I haven’t really had the time to film any new material.  Though this has been frustrating (I haven’t even bought film for my 8mm yet) I’ve managed to find some older material that I filmed at various points and thought I’d put some of it together. … Continue reading Short Film – Pastoral.