Winter Sparks – FACT Liverpool

Said to be exploring and blurring the line between art and science, Winter Sparks is the genuinely terrifying final show at FACT this year.  With its simple theme, limited number of artists and large space dedicated to few but enormous works, it acts as a polar opposite to many recent exhibitions in Liverpool that have crammed as much as they can into one space. All … Continue reading Winter Sparks – FACT Liverpool

BFI Academies and Film Lectures at FACT Liverpool.

With the announcement that the BFI are opening a film academy network across the country, it has been revealed that one of these venues to get some of the funding from the enterprise is FACT cinema in Liverpool.  This is especially good news for young students of film wanting to enter the industry or simply comment from the sidelines. The department of education is said … Continue reading BFI Academies and Film Lectures at FACT Liverpool.