BBC Ghost Stories Volume 4 (The Signalman, Stigma, The Ice House) – BFI

Volume 4 of the BBC Ghost Stories At Christmas is a mixed bag of the eerie and the spooky.  Housing the last three instalments of the classic series before it ceased until its revival in 2005, it’s a must buy for one of the stories but its other two instalments wobble its consistency.  The most appealing aspect of this release is that it contains possibly … Continue reading BBC Ghost Stories Volume 4 (The Signalman, Stigma, The Ice House) – BFI

Night of the Hunter – Charles Laughton (1955)

Charles Laughton is perhaps better known for being a strong character actor than a prolific director, yet his lone directorial effort shows an eye for beautiful visuals, fleshed out characterisation and heady mix of genres and styles.  Often lumped in with far more generic film noir fair, 1955’s Night of the Hunter is far more than a simple gangster noir or Raymond Chandler adaptation.  In fact it’s so far … Continue reading Night of the Hunter – Charles Laughton (1955)

Stalker – Andrei Tarkovsky – (1979)

Writing about a film such as Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker is not an easy task.  Anyone with a pure and honest love for cinema will find Tarkovsky’s work in general to be awe inspiring, perhaps even approaching cinematic perfection. Stalker is something so ambitious in its message and graceful with its visuals, watching another film after it can be extremely trying, yet simply waxing lyrical about it wouldn’t do … Continue reading Stalker – Andrei Tarkovsky – (1979)