Shadow Of A Doubt – Alfred Hitchcock (1942)

With the Hitchcock season soon to come to an end, it seems fitting to look at one the director’s best and often underrated pictures.  His middle period from when he first left England for David O’Selznick’s studio produced a run of astonishing films, often overshadowed by his later American films such as Vertigo (1958) and Rear Window (1954).  These films, often in black and white, are dark, tense exercises … Continue reading Shadow Of A Doubt – Alfred Hitchcock (1942)

Vertigo – Alfred Hitchcock (1958)

Reviewing a film that almost solely relies on its twists and turns can be a tricky task.  In the case of most Alfred Hitchcock films, the enjoyment comes from the suspense and the relief that flows over the viewer when the narrative twists and the shocks have been revealed.  Hitchcock’s magnum opus, Vertigo is one of these films and so therefore this review comes with … Continue reading Vertigo – Alfred Hitchcock (1958)