Mon Oncle – Jacques Tati (1958), BFI.

Of all of Jacques Tati’s films, Mon Oncle (1958) is probably the most disarming in its satirical attack on efficiency and modernity. Monsieur Hulot is the perfect out of place character, stuck in an ever changing world that values tidiness and its objects more than its happiness and relationships.  The high tech nature that is gradually engulfing Paris has never been so quaintly photographed (though … Continue reading Mon Oncle – Jacques Tati (1958), BFI.

Jour de Fête – Jacques Tati (1949), BFI.

The films of Jacques Tati so often place their main protagonist out of time and out of step with his various scenarios that it was to be expected that Tati’s debut feature film Jour de Fête (1949) was to bask in a similar situation.  However there’s a sense of naivety due to various factors within the film that makes Tati’s debut seem not quite up … Continue reading Jour de Fête – Jacques Tati (1949), BFI.