Rope – Alfred Hitchcock (1948)

One of Hitchcock’s most experimental films, Rope contains all the ingredients that came to define his mid period but at the same time seems weirdly at odds with them.  The first thing to note about this rather twisted affair is its composition.  Unlike pretty much any other Hitchcock film, the shots are extremely long in length giving it the feel of a stage play.  This … Continue reading Rope – Alfred Hitchcock (1948)

The Trouble With Harry – Alfred Hitchcock (1955)

Hitchcock’s obsession with the macabre and murder seem to take over the majority of his work and often produced spellbinding and suspenseful results.  In 1954 though, Hitchcock produced a film that put on a different viewing filter on his dark vision.  Though a death lies at the very heart of The Trouble With Harry, never before has Hitchcock been so jovial and comedic about the … Continue reading The Trouble With Harry – Alfred Hitchcock (1955)