Quatermass 2 – Val Guest (1957)

Though perhaps not one of the first titles to come to mind at the mention of Hammer Horror, Quatermass 2 has been done a disservice over the years. Maybe due to it being the sequel to the film that effectively kick started Hammer’s horror cycle for definite, it seems unfairly overlooked in the Hammer back catalogue. Sitting in the shadow of The Quatermass Experiment and … Continue reading Quatermass 2 – Val Guest (1957)

A Beginner’s Guide to Vintage Sci-Fi 1906 – 1960.

Unlike the guide to vintage horror published previously, Science Fiction film is in a far better state of affairs than Horror.  Modern Sci-Fi is still as strong as it ever was with at least two decent films in genre being a released every year.  With Horror, to enjoy the genre in its full, viewing vintage Horror is absolutely vital.  Here vintage Sci-Fi is different.  We … Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Vintage Sci-Fi 1906 – 1960.