The Lady Vanishes – Alfred Hitchcock (1938)

When watching the first half an hour of The Lady Vanishes, it may perhaps be surprising that nothing whatsoever to do with a lady vanishing graces the screen.  This however allows the film to throw many a surprise over the viewer in the typical Hitchcock manner. The film opens in the disgruntled happenings of a hotel, somewhere around Switzerland.  Instead of concentrating on the main … Continue reading The Lady Vanishes – Alfred Hitchcock (1938)

The 39 Steps – Alfred Hitchcock (1935)

The wrong man scenario is one that Alfred Hitchcock not only seemed to be obsessed with, but one that he made his own.  When choosing the best of his “wrong man”, there’s no doubt that his 1935 adaptation of John Buchan’s The 39 Steps would at least reside near that top.  The apparent master of suspense is firing here on all cylinders, creating ideas and … Continue reading The 39 Steps – Alfred Hitchcock (1935)