Short Film – Pastoral.

Having been in the midst of my third year at university and an impending move out back home looming, I haven’t really had the time to film any new material.  Though this has been frustrating (I haven’t even bought film for my 8mm yet) I’ve managed to find some older material that I filmed at various points and thought I’d put some of it together.

The footage consists of various days of filming in Snowdonia and Aber Falls in Wales and also some footage shot in Dorset.  It seemed a shame not to use it properly as the imagery is so beautiful and really only needs a narrative around it to fully create a nice folk film.  However, this was also not an option so a mere evocation of the countryside has been aimed for instead.

The film is again broken down into photographs and built back up.  Though it may look odd at times, it minimises the distance that digital film-making can have, at least with my equipment limitations.  The music is a live rendition of Heavy Rain by The Spinners which I discovered while ploughing through lots of folk albums.  I think ultimately, this film will pretty much define where I go with short films.  I’ve become increasingly interested in landscapes, countryside and folklore (though this is present through a lot of the stuff I’ve already made) so expect more and more Winstanley landscapes and ghostly pastures though on a budget of £0 of course.

Adam Scovell

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