Music Video – Nadine Carina, Storm-Calm Feat. Gated.

It’s taken a while but yesterday I finally finished my first music video.  Most filmmakers tend to lean towards this medium at some point, whether as a means to an end financially or even as a general palette for a fast editing style but I didn’t favour either of these aspects.  I spent a long time looking for an artist like Nadine Carina, whose music has that patchwork feel, full of textural exploration in a similar way to Patrick Watson.  With this, I wanted to try out frame editing on a video again, unhappy with the last efforts that opened up my, now quite embarrassing short film, Wake Up Dedalus.

90% of the footage is made of photos rather than film and actual DSLR footage has only made it into a handful of vocal sequences and some of the spins which generally were a lot better looking lit in the typical hi-res DSLR fashion.  This is partly why the video has taken so many hours to edit.  A month and half may not seem like too long a time for a three minute video though this doesn’t break down mentally until considering this is alongside 20,000 words of essays, write-ups and articles for this site and others and self-publishing a short story.  I’ve also managed to produce an article on the video for Pickwick Magazine so keep an eye for that if you’re around Liverpool as it should be out next month.

Hopefully, I’ve done the song justice.  I know Nadine has already expressed her love for it which is great.  This will also hopefully be the last digital project I work on for a while as I’ve just got my hands on an 8mm Bolex camera.


No doubt I’ll probably find more interesting things to do with digital after I’ve struggled my way through the analogue, visual world though for now, I’m happy that I’ve explored the digital medium with my time, lack of budget and sheer stubbornness.  Here’s to the next one.

Adam Scovell.

Nadine 2  Nadine-music-video-109


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