Video Interview With Richard Kaufman And Patrick Russ.

Here’s a video interview with two giants of Hollywood music; Richard Kaufman and Patrick Russ.

Richard was the musical director of MGM for over twenty years and is now one of the most prolific conductors in Hollywood.  He’s worked closely with John Williams as well many of the giants of Hollywood film music.

Patrick is one of the most in demand orchestrators in Hollywood, working on the film music of Danny Elfman, Jerry Goldsmith and countless others.  Patrick became one of Elmer Bernstein’s principle conductors after working briefly with him on Ghostbusters and is one of the most knowledgeable film score scholars in the world (along with Richard!)

Both of them have been working recently on a CD of music of Dimitri Tiomkin which available here and well worth a listen.

Thanks to both of them for taking the time to chat with me about film and film music (though this is only twenty minutes, the conversation was roughly 3 hours in length). Also thanks to Holly Rogers for helping sort out  contact.

Also apologies for the visual quality.  For some reason (that I’ve spent a while now trying to stop) Youtube seems to have compressed the video and this has not only massively lowered the quality of the video but has even added some weird shapes of its own.


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